Apple Loses Appeal Against VirnetX in Patent Case, Must Pay Out $440 Million

MacBook FaceTime

Apple has been battling VirnetX in patent cases for quite some time, and the trials have typically not gone in Apple’s favor, which is a trend that continues today.

Reuters is reporting on Tuesday that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has denied Apple’s appeal of the verdict handed down against the company back in 2016 that initially awarded VirnetX a payout of just over $300 million. However, with the inclusion of interest and overall damages, that total racked up to over $400 million. The total is $439.7 million, which Apple will now have to pay to VirnetX following the denial of its appeal.

VirnetX has been called a patent troll in the past, and, in this case, holds patents that it says Apple violated when it rolled out FaceTime. VirnetX first sued Apple way back in 2010, and the trials of various patent cases have been going on off-and-on ever since. This is also not the only case between the two, with VirnetX winning over $500 million in a payout from Apple in an entirely separate trial, with that one related to communications security.

Thanks to the patent system in the United States, and Apple’s own decisions, the company now owes VirnetX almost $1 billion. That’s not a small sum, even for Apple, and it certainly makes sense why Apple would try to appeal these decisions to at least get the amounts reduced. However, at least in this case, that won’t be happening, and Apple will now have to fork over the money. Unless, of course, its next appeal somehow goes the other direction.

[via Reuters]