Apple Maps Gains Turn-by-Turn Directions in Select Cities in India

Apple Maps India

Apple has rolled out turn-by-turn directions for Apple Maps in India. Right now, the service is only available in selected metro cities of the country. Similar to Google Maps, Apple is also offering users option to book cab rides from Uber or Ola right from within the app. 

Up until now, one could not use Apple Maps in India to get turn-by-turn directions to any place in India. After today though, Apple Maps will provide users with proper turn-by-turn directions for the place they search for. For now, Apple has rolled out turn-by-turn directions in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi. Other key cities are expected to gain the feature soon as well.

While Apple has added turn-by-turn directions to Apple Maps, most iPhone users are likely going to stick to Google Maps for directions. The latter has an expansive coverage of tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in India, down to every nook and cranny. In comparison, Apple Maps lacks a lot of data and key features like traffic status, public transport option, two-wheeler mode, and more.

On the bright side, this move could signal Apple optimizing and improving its services for India. The company tends to focus more on the US, UK, and European markets and its services lack India-specific customizations, something which Google has done with all its services.