Apple’s New ‘Close Your Rings’ Apple Watch Page Showcases Individual Stories

The Apple Watch is a great smartwatch, and it’s also a fantastic device to keep tabs on your health. And now Apple is showcasing new stories on how that works for individuals out there in the real world.

Apple has launched a brand new “Close Your Rings” page dedicated to the Apple Watch, and the stories that some owners have on how the wearable has impacted their life. The idea is to get inspiration to close your own rings, the colorful circles that can show you just how close you are to reaching specific caloric, standing, and movement goals.

On the site, we can read and watch stories from Haley A., Jason L., Lucy L., Natsumi Y., Atilla K., Eric G., and Yocelin S.

In the case of Natsumi, for instance, the Apple Watch is about finding a balance, and she talks about how the Breathe app, and the Apple Watch, has helped her be a better yoga instructor living in Tokyo, Japan:

“Natsumi is a yoga instructor and model living in Tokyo. She uses the Yoga workout to close her Exercise ring while she’s teaching a class. On occasion, Natsumi likes to surprise her students by taking them on hiking expeditions, where the Hiking workout tracks her distance and calorie burn. If Natsumi’s rings aren’t closed by the afternoon, she walks to her modeling gigs.”

Jason L., meanwhile, talks about closing the rings while doing things like cycling, weight lifting, and swimming:

“In addition to the strenuous workout he gets on the podium, Jason likes to close his rings using the Workout app to track swimming, cycling and weight lifting. When it comes to staying mentally fit, reminders from the Breathe app nudge Jason during his busy day, helping him to recenter.”

Lucy L. uses the Apple Watch to improve her golf game:

“Lucy is the world’s #1 junior golfer and plays in tournaments all over the globe. She closes her rings virtually every day on the course, using Apple Watch with cellular to stay in touch with her parents. Lucy also stays active off the course, training on the elliptical or swimming with with friends.”

You can check out the full page, along with the additional stories, through the source link below.

[via Apple]