Chinese Teenager Who Sold His Kidney To Buy iPhone 4 Now Bedridden

Remember the 17-year old kid Xiao Wang who sold his kidney for around $3,000/RM 13,000 to buy an iPhone 4 and iPad? His parents could not afford to buy an iPhone which prompted him to take this extreme step. Seven years later, things have not gone as planned for Wang.

Wang struck a deal with a black market organ dealer to sell his kidney in return for some serious moolah. The operation was performed at an illegal underground hospital in Chenzhou, China. After the operation, Wang was told he’d return to his normal life after about a week. Sadly that never happened. The operation theatre and the equipment used were not sanitized properly which led Wang to develop an infection on his wound.

Worse, Wang never revealed to his family that he had sold his kidney to buy an iPhone. It was only when he became terribly sick from the infection that his parents came to know about his deeds. Sadly, by the time he was taken to a hospital, it was too late as his kidney function had been severely affected by the infection. Now, Wang is permanently bedridden and requires hemodialysis to survive. The whole ordeal has put his family in a financial crisis due to the expensive medical bills.

Thankfully for Wang’s parents, the middleman and the underground hospital where the operation was conducted were sued and they have received a lot of money as compensation.

Moral of the story? Don’t be stupid like Wang and sell your kidney for an iPhone or for just about anything else. Your life is more precious than that.

[Via Oriental Daily]