DigiTimes: AirPower to Launch ‘Later in 2019’

iPhone X and AirPower

The latest AirPower rumor points to the wireless charging pad releasing later in 2019. The Digitimes report citing sources claims that AirPower has already entered into production and will release later in 2019. 

The launch of AirPower will boost the revenue of some Apple suppliers like Lite-On Semiconductor who will be supplying Glass passivated package (GPP) bridge rectifier orders. Lite-On has been supplying GPP bridge rectifiers to Apple for use in AirPower for over a year. However, the shipments are expected to rise “later in 2019” once AirPower launches.

Glass passivated package (GPP) bridge rectifier orders for Apple’s AirPower continue to pull in, according to sources at related suppliers, who expect shipments for the wireless charger to boost further when it becomes available later in 2019.

Apple’s AirPower is finally in production, said the sources. The Apple-designed wireless charging device was unveiled in September 2017, with the company originally targeting 2018 for launch.

A report from a week ago also claimed that AirPower has entered into production. The wireless charging pad was first unveiled alongside the iPhone X in 2017. Its initial launch date slipped to early 2018 first but eventually, due to engineering issues, it looked like AirPower will never see the light of the day.

Over the last year, there were multiple reports of AirPower launching soon but that never happened. This time around, the leaks surrounding AirPower’s release are coming from credible sources so it looks like Apple is indeed going to launch the AirPower in 2019.

It is possible that we will see the company release the AirPower to the public alongside a refreshed iPad mini and a 9.7-inch iPad in March 2019. Or just like its battery case for the iPhone XS, Apple could just put it up for sale silently on its online store.

[Via DigiTimes]