Facebook iOS App Finally Supports Native Screen Resolution for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and New iPad Pro

Apple launched new hardware in late-2018, but for some of those devices Facebook has been late to the support train.

As was first noted on Thursday by 9to5Mac, however, the wait is finally over. Specifically if you own an iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR, or picked up a new iPad Pro. The Facebook iOS app finally added native screen resolution support for those devices. Up to this point the app has been running in a compatibility mode, upscaling the visuals to meet the bigger screen demands from the iPhone XS’s 5.8-inch display.

As mentioned above, the app now also supports the native resolution of the newest 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models as well. No more upscaling for these devices! And while the usable space in the app is basically the same as it was, there shouldn’t be anymore black bars showing up in the app.

As far as Facebook and Apple are concerned, there might be a bit of tension between the two. You may have heard that Facebook ran afoul of Apple’s App Store guidelines recently, thanks to its Research VPN iOS app that was courting people to hand over their phone data for monetary compensation. Apple pulled the certificate and Facebook shut down the app.

As far as native screen resolution support is concerned, it’s better late than never. Especially with the slight boost in available screen real estate for the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Go ahead and update your Facebook app — if you still have it installed.

[via 9to5Mac]