German Court Rejects Four Out of Eight Patent Suits Brought Against Apple by Qualcomm

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm will continue for at least a while, and Apple has seen a pretty strong case made against it up to this point.

That is especially true in Germany, where Apple was served a court order to stop selling certain iPhone models in the region. However, Qualcomm doesn’t think Apple is actually following the rules in that regard. Still, Apple was probably due a (small) victory in these proceedings, at least in Germany, and it looks like it earned one.

A district court in Munich, Germany, has rejected four of the eight patent lawsuits brought against Apple by Qualcomm. The ruling was handed down on Thursday. The court ruled that Siri and Spotlight search functions don’t infringe on specific Qualcomm patents. However, while this is a small win, it isn’t even final as another, separate decision is waiting on four additional patents that Apple could still be determined to be infringing.

As it stands right now, even with this latest court rejection, Apple is still facing an injunction of specific iPhone models in Germany, preventing the company from selling those devices. And while Apple might be happy with this specific decision from the Munich district court, this is a legal battle that is not going to be settled anytime soon. Neither company at this point appears ready to put down the gloves.

[via AppleInsider]