Google’s Latest Night Sight Ad for Pixel 3 Mocks ‘Phone X’

Phone cam shot

The VP of Product Marketing at Google has shared a new ad for the Pixel 3 on Twitter which compares its Night Sight mode to the iPhone XS. The difference in photos taken from both devices is massive, with the Pixel 3 obviously taking a usable pic thanks to the use of Night Sight mode.

In the latest ad, Google refers to the iPhone XS as ‘Phone X.’ When compared to the photo taken from the Pixel 3, the one from the iPhone has turned out to be too dark to be usable, with the subject barely being visible. In comparison, the subject in the Pixel 3’s photo is clearly visible and one can also properly see the color of her dress and the makeup on her face.

Google had earlier highlighted the effectiveness of the Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 when it first unveiled the device in October. It had made a direct comparison with the iPhone X then.

Since then, Night Sight’s popularity has only soared thanks to the strong word of mouth publicity. It is easily the most impressive advancement to happen to smartphone cameras in recent years.

Night Sight mode on the Pixel 3 works by capturing up to 6-15 frames with multiple exposures in a span of 1-2 seconds and merging them into one. The resulting image is further improved by Google’s use of computational photography and AI.

Apple does not offer a Night Sight-like mode on the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max which at this point seems like a major handicap since almost every other Android OEM has added a similar feature to their device via a software update. It is possible that we will see the company launch something similar with its 2019 iPhones but it should really consider bringing a Night Sight-like mode to the iPhone XS and XS Max as well with iOS 13 later this year.