HomePod Launching in China and Hong Kong on January 18

HomePod Touchpad Control
Apple today announced that it will start selling te HomePod in China and Hong Kong from January 18 for 2,799 yuan and $HK2,799 respectively. It will be available in white and space gray colours.

Apple had previously confirmed that it would be launching the HomePod in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The Siri-powered smart speaker is known more for its excellent audio quality which can rival far more expensive Hi-Fi speakers.

“HomePod is the perfect wireless speaker for music lovers. It delivers an unmatched music listening experience with high-fidelity sound wherever it is placed and creates a new way to discover and interact with music using Siri,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “We’re excited to bring HomePod to our customers in mainland China and Hong Kong markets. We can’t wait for them to experience how great it sounds in their home, we think they are going to love it.”

With AirPlay 2 support, iPhone and iPad users will be able to stream content from AirPlay compatible apps to HomePod as well. This includes the likes of QQ Music, Spotify, Penguin Music, DeDao, and more.

The HomePod has not met with the same level of success as Apple might have hoped for. This is primarily due to how limited Siri is on the smart speaker and the high price tag of the speaker.

Apple has been working on fixing the former as it has been rolling out constant software updates for the HomePod since its release to add new features to it.