Apple Shares ‘A New Way to go Behind the Scenes’ With the New iPad Pro

Apple launched the brand new, redesigned iPad Pro in late 2018. Now that 2019 is in full swing, the company is ready to show off the tablet’s usefulness.

Apple on Monday published a new video titled, “A New Way to go Behind the Scenes” involving the 2018 iPad Pro. This video is longer than the five earlier tutorial videos the company uploaded earlier this month, measuring in at just over two minutes. As the name suggests, Apple takes viewers behind-the-scenes in how it put those earlier videos together. We get to see how they were designed, edited, animated, filmed, and more:

“Go behind the scenes for an inside look at a new series of iPad Pro films. See how they were filmed, edited, animated, designed, and composed completely with iPad Pro.”

You can watch the new video below.

Apple used the Filmic Pro app to shoot the videos, and the company used professional hardware to mount the tablets while they were used to film. Apple details that Luma Fusion was utilized for the editing process on the new device, and the company used Keynote for animation. Unsurprisingly, Apple used GarageBand to handle music sampling and creation.

This isn’t a marketing push, but rather a way to show how powerful and versatile the new iPad Pro is. There is certainly no doubt that Apple’s new tablet is the best it has made to date, even if it does have a tendency to bend. Did you pick up a new iPad Pro? If so, what do you think of the new tablet?