‘iPhone XI’ Renders Reveal Triple Camera Setup on the Back

Despite the fact that we’re in 2019 already, the rumor mill has been pretty quiet on the iPhone XS successor up to this point.

But it was inevitable that the rumor mill would come up with something fairly early into the year. And here we are just six days in and we’ve got the first render of what’s being called the “iPhone XI”. @OnLeaks, along with Digit.in teamed up to put together a new render of what the new iPhone will apparently look like, and . . . it’s interesting. That feels like the nicest thing to say about it.

As you can see, Apple will apparently adopt a three camera system on the back of the 2019 iPhone, and it will have a rounded square segment in the top-left corner. There are three separate cameras, the flash setup in the corner, and a microphone there in the bottom corner. The render itself is perfectly adequate, mind you, and does a nice, clear job of showing off the handset in question.

According to the report, the renders were put together based on engineering validation test (EVT) data, so if these are indeed the real deal then they are very early device designs. It’s certainly possible that Apple tried this design at some point while they were designing the handset that would follow up the iPhone XS/XS Max, but it’s also just as likely that this design has gone by the wayside already and the company may go with something else entirely.

It has been rumored in the past that Apple is planning on introducing at least one of the 2019 iPhone models with a triple rear camera system, and we’ve even seen renders of what that might look like in the past. Basically envision the current dual camera setup with its vertical alignment, but just add one more camera. This particular design decision is pretty crazy, and unless something has changed that would be a pretty big bump on the back of a phone.

I just want to stress here that the render is great, but I can’t stop staring at it — and not because it’s a cool looking design for a phone. That’s horrendous, right? It’s just so bad. I have been typing this with my fingers crossed because I am wishing so hard that this design never sees the light of day in an official capacity on the back of an iPhone.

[via @OnLeaks; Digit.in]