iPhone XS Battery Case Kind of Fits the iPhone X, but Charging System Fails to Function [Update: Kind of Works!]

The iPhone XS Smart Battery Case launched earlier this week, and initial hands-on impressions are starting to trickle in.

Update: Turns out that if you have your iPhone X updated to iOS 12.1.3, the charging functionality of the new iPhone XS Smart Battery Case will actually work with the iPhone X. However, the results are inconsistent at best:

So, it kind of works! So that’s something. It doesn’t sound like you should pick up this case for the iPhone X, though.

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Earlier today we heard that each of the new battery cases, at least for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, has a smaller battery capacity than in previous cases. And now, thanks to Rene Ritchie, we have learned a little bit more about the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case. Namely, that it doesn’t quite fit the iPhone X, and it definitely won’t charge the device, either.

Technically speaking, the new iPhone XS Smart Battery Case does fit on the older iPhone X. However, as noted by Ritchie on Twitter, the fit isn’t quite right. The case isn’t “tight”, and the holes for the speaker and microphone aren’t aligned. And while that may seem like enough to charge the device, that’s not the case, as the iOS software will simply send up a prompt with a compatibility error and refuse to work.

The lack of a proper fit and the no charging situation isn’t surprising, because Apple has made it perfectly clear that this Smart Battery Case is not designed for the iPhone X. Apple’s landing page for the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case says the new accessory is only designed for the newer model. That is a bit of a shame, of course, considering Apple never launched a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone X (or the iPhone 8/8 Plus for that matter).

You can buy the new Smart Battery Case from Apple’s online store right now for $129.99 each. They should arrive beginning Friday, January 18.

Did you already order your new Smart Battery Case?

[via @reneritchie]