Signs of an Impending iPhone XS Battery Case Pop up Again, This Time in iOS 12.1.2 Battery Widget

It has been a bit of time since Apple released a battery case for its iPhone lineup, but the company may be alleviating that problem soon.

A Reddit user by the name of Tom had to make some physical changes to the battery case he owns for the iPhone 7, shaving it down to fit on an iPhone X. It took some doing, but Tom was able to get the battery case to work on the iPhone X, which brought up a new battery case icon in the Batteries widget in iOS 12.1.2. This new battery widget looks a lot like the one we saw crop up late last year, with the vertical camera cutout on the back and drastically reduced chin on the front.

While this may be a remnant of the iPhone X itself, the signs are clearly starting to show that Apple is indeed working on, and hopefully planning on releasing a battery case for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and the iPhone XR at some point in the future. Of course, nothing is guaranteed right now, but if you’re hoping for a new smart battery case, it certainly looks like the stars are aligning.

Depending on price, would you pick up a new smart battery case for your new iPhone?

[via Reddit]