Apple Executive Johny Srouji May be a Candidate to Become Intel’s New CEO

Intel is currently looking for a new Chief Executive Officer. The company is eyeballing several different potentials, and an Apple executive may be on the list.

According to a report this week from Axios, Apple’s current Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies, Johny Srouji, is potentially high on the list of potential candidates for the executive role at Intel. At the time of the report, however, it is not known if the interest in the role is reciprocated by Srouji, who may or may not be interested in taking up the charge of Intel’s banner. Srouji did, however, work for Intel dating back to 1990 and until 2005, so it’s not like he’s completely new to the company.

“As SVP of hardware technologies, Srouji has overseen the company’s push into, among other things, designing more of its own silicon. While not an insider, Srouji does have quite a bit of experience with the chipmaker, having worked at its Israel facility from 1990 to 2005.”

For Apple, Srouji joined the company in 2008 and has been leading development of the A-series processors ever since, beginning with the A4. Now, Srouji oversees the development of a variety of hardware, including batteries, storage controllers, app processors, and chips being developed by Apple as a whole.

So, nothing official yet. Intel’s prior chief executive, Brian Krzanich, left the company almost seven months ago, so the company is indeed taking its time filling the big chair at the head of the table.

[via Axios]