CES 2019: Kohler Introduces HomeKit-Enabled Sensate Faucet

There have been faucets on the market, specifically from Kohler, that allow for hands-free usage. But now things are getting really interesting.

Today, during the start of CES 2019, Kohler has introduced a brand new Sensate faucet that actually provides support for voice commands. The faucet will allow owners to tell Siri to turn on the water, thanks to built-in HomeKit support. (The Sensate Faucet also supports Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant as well.)

As noted by Engadget, the faucet will not only let you turn the water on or off, but also pour an exact amount. So if you want to pour three cups of water out of the faucet, you can simply ask Siri to do that and the Sensate Faucet will oblige.

“The Sensate Touchless kitchen faucet with KOHLER Konnect allows users to turn the water on or off and dispense measured amounts of water through simple voice commands or motion-based interactions. Consumers can fill an eight-ounce cup of water or a large pot with hands-free voice control. A sensor on the faucet valve monitors water usage which is displayed on the KOHLER Konnect app for convenience.”

You will need to download the specific Kohler Konnect app through the App Store to get HomeKit/Siri support. On top of that, you’ll obviously need to get your hands on the new faucet, which will go on sale soon and retail between $660 and $830, depending on the model/finish you go with.

This is a pretty awesome idea, and goes towards the full smart home idea for sure. Pretty soon you’ll effortlessly be able to tell your oven, microwave, refrigerator, faucet, and dishwasher all specific commands to get things done — and you won’t have to touch any of them to get it done.

[via Engadget]