Late-2012 iMac Becomes Obsolete on January 30

Apple Australia

As another year ticks by, more of Apple’s older devices become officially listed as obsolete or vintage, depending on the region.

9to5Mac is reporting on Friday that the late-2012 iMac is going to become listed as another obsolete device on Wednesday, January 30. In California and Turkey the device will be listed as “vintage”, which means in those areas the device will continue to be supported by the company as dictated by local law.

However, as noted in the report, even outside of those regions the late-2012 iMac can still be repaired in some cases, thanks to the Repair Vintage Apple Products Pilot program, which was officially introduced in November of last year. If you have a late-2012 iMac that needs to be repaired, you can still take it to an Apple Store. However, the folks that will repair your hardware need to have the parts on hand to actually go through with the repair and complete it.

If the store doesn’t have the tools to repair it, then the repair won’t be possible.

These labels for the older machines are an inevitability, but it can be a bit frustrating if your aging device falls into the category and repairs are suddenly limited. Still, Apple’s pilot program is a nice addition for those who can actually take advantage of it. If you want to check out the full list of Apple-confirmed devices that are obsolete or vintage, check out the Apple source link below.

[via 9to5Mac; Apple]