Microsoft’s OneDrive Files-On-Demand is Now Available for Mac Users

Microsoft OneDrive banner

For owners of a Mac that use Microsoft’s OneDrive service, there’s a new feature to be aware of.

Thurrot had the report out first on Friday, indicating that Microsoft had finally rolled out Files-on-Demand for OneDrive users on a Mac. Microsoft has actually been testing the feature since September of last year. The beta must have gone well enough, because here we are and the feature is now widely available.

The rollout is gradual and actually apparently began on Thursday. That means if you use OneDrive, have been looking forward to this particular feature, but still aren’t seeing it yet, you should over the next coming weeks.

OneDrive’s Files-on-Demand is similar to iCloud, in that it serves as a means to save local storage online to save some space. So you can store the files in the cloud and, when you need them, download them quickly for easy access. Users can choose specific files they want to keep stored locally, too, bolstered by the cloud storage option, just in case you don’t want to keep downloading the same folder or files.

It’s a pretty big update for OneDrive owners using a Mac. The turnaround between the early beta test late last year and now is a good sign that things are working as Microsoft intended, too. If you check out the new Files-on-Demand feature, let us know what you think of Microsoft’s implementation.

[via Thurrot]