NHL Teams Get New iPad Pro Units and a Custom App to Help Track Stats

As is the case with any sport, stats are a big deal. And not just to the fans out there, but even more so for the teams and players.

In an effort to help with that, the NHL has announced on Thursday that it’s getting a brand new, custom app to help track teams and players with real-time information, which will be handled with brand new iPad Pro models. The app is the SAP/NHL Coaching Insights App will allow teams and coaching staff to track 60 points of data, all in real-time. This will mark the fourth iPad behind NHL team benches, including the three iPad models that are already in place there since their debut back in 2017.

“There’s a lot of information out there, but coaches are still writing it down on pieces of paper,” NHL senior vice president, business development and innovation David Lehanski said. “They’re not using it the way that they could use it because there really hasn’t been a platform that will allow them to do it easily and efficiently and to quickly customize it to see what they want to see. We’re also doing it because we’re setting a foundation so that when puck and player tracking is fully live, now we’ve got the video, the stats and analytics app, and we can start pouring in the data to mesh with it so we have a true real time system.”

The NHL All-Star break takes place in San Jose, California, between January 25 and January 26. The All-Star Skills Competition is first, with the All-Star Game taking place on the 26 of the month. After that break this new app, and the brand new iPad Pro model, will be distributed to the teams. However, a finalized launch date has not been locked down just yet.

[via NHL]