Sonos May be Planning on Launching Wireless Headphones Priced Around $300

While word on the street is that Apple is planning on launching an updated pair of AirPods sometime in early 2019, it looks like Sonos may be aiming to make some waves in the headphones market as well.

According to a report on Thursday from Bloomberg, Sonos is planning on making a move outside of the home with a pair of wireless headphones that may be priced around $300 whenever they become a reality. As the price suggests, these would be high-end headphones, and the report indicates they will have an over-the-ear design. Interestingly, the other reason the headphones might be as expensive as they are is because Sonos is planning on incorporating as many different streaming platforms and digital personal assistants as it can.

Sonos, of course, is a company that can take advantage of all those tools and platforms because it’s not tied to any one of them. Indeed, this report suggests that the audio quality from the headphones will be a major selling point, but so will the fact that these headphones will work seamlessly with the wide range of digital personal assistants out there, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and, hopefully, Apple’s Siri.

There is no word on when these wireless headphones might make an appearance, however, so we will have to wait and see how that goes. It does sound like Sonos is planning to launch them this year, though, so we might not have to wait too long. Unless the company plans on positioning them sometime in the holiday shopping season, that is.

Meanwhile, in related news, there have been rumors for quite some time that Apple itself is planning on expanding the in-ear headphone design and building its own over-the-ear headphones, which would be wireless as well. Those would more than likely be priced around the same as these rumored Sonos headphones. This latest report also indicates that Apple is planning on launching them in the second half of 2019.

A pair of high-end over-the-ear headphones from Apple would be a nice addition to the family, especially with brand new AirPods on the market as well. They will need to have active noise cancellation to be worth the money, though. So hopefully that’s something that is added to the mix.

[via Bloomberg]