Spotify is Testing ‘Car View’ for Better Controls While Driving

You should not use your smartphone while you’re driving, but if you do use it to control music while behind the wheel, Spotify wants to help in some way.

Spotify is currently testing a feature called “Car View”. This will essentially supersize the buttons available for media playback once the app determines your device is connected to a vehicle’s wireless connection, namely Bluetooth. The song info and other buttons are also made bigger so they are easier to tap, but you’ll have to live without album artwork while in this particular mode. Which is an interesting decision.

This is not the first time that Spotify has tested a car-friendly version of its app. Back in July of 2017, for instance, the app was outfitted with a dedicated microphone for voice controls when the app recognized the phone was connected to a car. That version of the app also included bigger controls.

For those who don’t want this particular feature, it can be deactivated completely within settings (for those who are able to test it at all). It can also be turned off during your drive, and then turned on automatically the next time your phone’s connected to the car again. Of course, the app’s settings will also let you turn it on again if you decide you want it back.

It’s an interesting idea. The lack of album art doesn’t really speak to this writer, but the bigger controls are a nice touch. It’s not great to use your device while driving, but some vehicles don’t have in-car controls for that sort of thing, even if they do have a Bluetooth connection, so this may be the only option some Spotify users have.

[via 9to5Google]