Don’t Expect TCL to Support AirPlay 2 in Its Smart TVs Any Time Soon

Apple decided that 2019 was going to start off with a bang as the company announced that AirPlay 2 support was landing on several different smart TVs from different brands.

So far up to this point, Samsung kicked things off in announcing AirPlay 2 support for its smart TV lineup. Soon after that, we heard that Vizio was doing the same thing, followed by Sony and LG announcing support. That basically means all of the major TV manufacturers are on board with this, which makes sense as Apple is going big with this particular shift in strategy.

Of course, with all the attention being put on the biggest TV manufacturers, what about some of the other brands out there? TCL, for instance, has started to gain traction with the TV market in the United States, so would that company be adopting support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit at some point in the future? Turns out that’s a big no.

MacRumors got a comment from a TCL spokesperson on this very subject, learning that the tV manufacturer has no plans on stopping its partnership with Roku, and, as a result of that, will not be going out of its way to support AirPlay 2. The company said it is “currently committed to Roku”, and left it at that.

So while Roku will continue to be the dominant presence on TCL-branded smart TVs for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t necessarily mean that will always be the case. AirPlay 2 could very well find itself to other TVs out there from other manufacturers given enough time. It’s still pretty crazy to think that AirPlay 2 is going to be on Samsung smart TVs, and any other model from other manufacturers for that matter. If you’re a TCL fan, it sounds like you’ll have to keep waiting and hoping.

[via MacRumors]