These 10-Ft Lightning Cables Will Make Life Much More Convenient [Deals Hub]

What’s the ultimate luxury these days? Having plenty of places to charge your phone. This 3-Pack of 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cables aims to make your life easier, and it can be yours for only $32.99 — that’s 67% off the usual MSRP of $99.99 at the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.

We’ve all been there. After a long, hard day at work you plop down on the couch and realize your phone is almost completely dead. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a charger somewhere nearby… preferably close enough to prevent getting up? The problem is, even if you have a charger in your living room, chances are the cord is too short to allow you to use your phone while its charging.

That’s where the 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cables come in! These MFi-Certified Lightning Cables come equipped with a generous 10 feet of cable length, allowing you to charge up your phone much more conveniently. Imagine not having to move from your couch! That’s what this cord length allows. And this 3-Pack of cables ensures that you can spread the wealth around, possibly keeping one in your car, one at work and one in a handy spot in your home.

Get these three convenient charging solutions for the one low price of $32.99 today at the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.