This iPhone Gadget Ups Your iPhone Photography Game [Deals Hub]

These days your iPhone also serves as your camera. While that certainly makes life more convenient, it doesn’t always result in quality photographs. That’s where Shuttercase for iPhone comes in! For just $49.99, Shuttercase for iPhone will improve your iPhone photography, while also ensuring you never run out of battery while snapping photos.

iPhone photographers know the feeling — you’re just about to get the shot when your phone dies. Shuttercase realizes how quickly snapping photographs drains your battery, so it is equipped with an embedded 3,000 mAh battery to keep you charged and ready to shoot.

But besides helping your battery life, Shuttercase also ups your photographer game. A removable camera handle gives your iPhone the feel of a real point-and-shoot camera. And because Shuttercase realizes it’s not always natural to click that capture button, they’ve also included a patented physical shutter button that lets you get the show with just one hand. And an embedded stand lets you set up your iPhone for posed photography as well.

No more awkward framing or blurry photographs from trying to get the shot while using your iPhone’s camera. Shuttercase will up your iPhone photography game in no time. It’s even compatible with add-on lenses if you want to go for a more dramatic effect.¬†Grab the Shuttercase for iPhone today for $49.99 at the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.