Verizon’s Visible Network is Now Carrying Several Different iPhone Models

In early 2018, Verizon introduced a brand new MVNO option for folks who would like to use Verizon’s network, but not necessarily sign up for the service.

At the time, Visible didn’t actually offer any devices directly. You simply just had to bring your iPhone to connect to the network. However, it did start at only $40 per month for unlimited –albeit, limited– access. Now, though, almost a year later and the wireless network is offering several different iPhone models, including the newest versions from Apple.

Visible will be offering zero percent interest with its financing from partner Affirm, with prices that start at $10 per month and go all the way up to $60 per month. Customers can choose from the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. The iPhone SE is also being offered as well.

It’s worth noting that Visible is also offering some Android-based handsets, but only from Samsung. Customers who prefer to go with Google’s mobile operating system can choose between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. And you will be able to protect all of these devices with Visible’s own protection plan which starts at $10 per month. It covers accidental damage, theft, out-of-warranty repairs, and loss. There is even an option for same-day service for newer iPhone models.

Visible probably won’t be the most popular MVNO option in the United States, but it will probably grow on folks as long as its network is stable and the prices stay low/competitive. Just keep in mind that you get unlimited talk/text, and unlimited 4G LTE data that’s capped at 5Mbps, so it’s definitely not the fastest option when it comes to cellular data.

[via Visible]