Wireless Charging Is Completely Hassle-Free With This Charger [Deals Hub]

We thought wireless charging was supposed to make life easier! Unfortunately, most wireless chargers require you to set your phone up at a certain angle or place it just right, so tossing your phone down and going about your business isn’t really possible. That’s where the Moon W7 Qi Wireless Charger comes in, truly making wireless charging hassle-free for the very low cost of $39.99 at the iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.

What makes the Moon W7 Qi Wireless Charger superior to the rest of the wireless charging world? For starters, it’s got a wider charging platform and two induction coils. This means you don’t need to worry about placing it just right. Just throw it on the charger and get back to your busy life. No matter the angle or placement, your Qi-compatible device will charge, saving you stress and precious time. Aside from easily powering up your smartphone, it also doubles as a convenient stand thanks to its angled design.

So cut the cord already! Go wireless on your nightstand, in your kitchen or wherever you prefer to charge up your devices. The Moon W7 will power your products at a rapid speed, without any muss or fuss another wireless charger might cause. Grab the Moon W7 Qi Wireless Charger for $39.99 at iPhoneHacks Deals Hub.