Google Says a Bug Caused Apple Music to Show up on Google Home Smart Speakers

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Apple Music is one of Apple’s most popular services, available on both iOS and Android. And while it’s expanding to smart speakers beyond the HomePod, the Google Home lineup isn’t one of them.

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that suggested Google Home was going to be a new option for Apple Music listeners. The service cropped up within the Google Home app, suggesting it would soon be a platform to listen to from the smart speaker family. By adding integration with Google Home, it would mean owners could use their voice to handle music playback. A handy feature to be sure.

It’s one of the reasons Apple Music subscribers were excited to see the service launch on Amazon Echo speakers.

However, that excitement may have been a bit premature. According to Bloomberg, based on a statement made by Google, a bug caused Apple Music to show up on Google Home smart speakers. It is not, actually, a sign that the service will be supported on the smart speaker lineup:

“Google’s iPhone app that allows users to set up and control the company’s Home speakers indicated early Tuesday that Apple Music would soon be coming to the devices — suggesting that Apple Inc. was continuing to push its services beyond its hardware in an effort to generate more revenue.

But it was just a software bug, a spokesman for the Alphabet Inc. company said.”

The company added that it had nothing more to say “regarding updates to Google Home” and left it at that.

It’s worth saying that Apple Music makes sense being on as many different devices as possible. And supported by all of that device’s features. Android users that listen to Apple Music can use Google Assistant to control the app, but Google Home owners have to rely on simple controls from their iPhone streaming to the smart speaker. Being able to use voice controls, just like HomePod owners can, would be a big boost.

Alas, it doesn’t sound like it’s happening anytime soon.

[via Bloomberg]