New AirPower Image with iPhone XS Discovered on Apple’s Website

While Apple did not announce the AirPower today, it looks like the company has not given up on the wireless charger yet. A new image showing the AirPower with an iPhone XS on it has been discovered on Apple’s Australian website hinting that Apple does indeed plan on launching the wireless charger to the public and has not abandoned it.

At this point, it is anyone’s guess as to when Apple will release the AirPower to the public. After unveiling new iPads, refreshed iMacs, and 2nd gen AirPods this week, Apple was widely expected to release the AirPower today and then put it up for sale next week. However, that did not happen.

Originally announced alongside the iPhone X in 2017, Apple had to push back the AirPower release date to early 2018 due to some technical issues. After that though, the company has been completely mum about the wireless charging pad that is capable of simultaneously charging three devices at once. Reports claim that due to engineering issues, Apple has been unable to release the AirPower to the public.

Recent reports and rumors, however, have been optimistic and claim that AirPower went into mass production in late January. Now, the only mystery that remains is when Apple will put the AirPower on sale. Maybe the company will do so next week right after ‘Its Show Time’ event. Since the AirPower was already announced by Apple, it perhaps makes sense that the company directly puts it on sale instead of announcing it again.

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What do you think? Are you still waiting for AirPower? Or have you given up on it? Plenty of third-party wireless chargers which can charge multiple devices have now made their way to the market so the AirPower novelty has definitely worn off.

[Via Michael Bateman]