Apple Running a Funny ‘Live Stream’ of Steve Jobs Theater Ahead of ‘Show Time’ Event

Since almost the last 24 hours, Apple already has a stream live of what is happening inside the Steve Jobs Theater where the ‘Show Time’ event is scheduled to take place in a few hours from now. The ”live stream” is not really live and it is being used by Apple for some fun.

The stream is definitely not live with Apple using CRT-style effect and cycling between five different camera angles.┬áSince last night, the stream has shown the housekeeping staff cleaning the stage, with Apple even hinting at who might visit its ‘Show Time’ event today.

The stream showed an iMessage conversation of NBA star Kevin Durant with Tim Cook. Apple’s content team is working on a show based on Durant’s early life so it is definitely possible that the NBA star will attend the event.┬áSince the last few hours, the stream has been showing a CarPlay drive from Hollywood to the Steve Jobs theater.

At one point, the stream showed Chris Evans calling Apple which the company missed picking up. The Captain America star ended up calling five different times, though the call was never picked. For now, the ‘live’ stream seems to have gone down.

Our Take

This is the first time that Apple has done something like this. Last time around during the iPhone XS event, Tim Cook posted a cryptic tweet right before the event which was smartly used by the company in its keynote. This is definitely a nice move from Apple as it helps in making its events more engaging for viewers and fans who will be watching it live from their PC or phone.

[Via Apple]