Apple Lowers the Price to Upgrade the SSD in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini

Apple 2018 MacBook Pro lineup

Apple has made a distinct change to some of the options to upgrade the SSD in some Macs.

As was first reported on Tuesday by MacRumors, Apple has dropped the price of an upgrade to the SSD in the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and the Mac mini. However, the changes aren’t for all models, so you’ll have to be on the lookout for a specific variant. Specifically, when it comes to the base model MacBook Air, the 1.5TB upgrade option costs $1,100 now — down from $1,200. The MacBook Air that starts at 256GB can now be upgraded to 1.5TB SSD for $900, down from $1,000.

The MacBook Pro in its base configuration can get upgraded to 2TB of built-in storage for $1,200. That’s a savings of $200. Folks can save $200 as well for the higher-end 15-inch MacBook Pro that want to upgrade to the 2TB SSD, which now costs $1,000.

Finally, the Mac mini’s upgrade to 2TB SSD is now $1,400 for the base model, which is a savings of $200. The upgraded Mac mini option can be upgraded to the 2TB SSD for $1,200, a savings of $200.

The 64GB RAM option for the Mac Pro now costs $800. That’s a $400 price drop, which is definitely not nothing.

Do any of these price changes make any of Apple’s Mac lineup a bit more attractive to you?

In related news, Apple today officially announced new iMacs.

[via MacRumors]