Apple Pay Coming to Austria, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, and Other European Countries

Apple Pay has officially expanded to Kazakhstan

Apple seems to be looking at expanding Apple Pay to more European countries. As announced by N26, Apple Pay will soon be available in Austria, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

The Erste Bank in Austria has also teased Apple Pay support on Twitter. There’s no word as to when Apple Pay will actually launch in these regions in Europe but given the tweets, it is likely that the launch is imminent.

Apple Pay is already available in major European countries like Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and others.

When Apple first launched Apple Pay in 2014, it expanded aggressively by adding new banking and retail partners every month. Over the years, the company expanded Apple Pay to other parts of the world including China, Brazil, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It also expanded Apple Pay support on the web thereby making it easy for users to pay for their purchases in just a few simple steps.

Our Take

Apple has been greatly focusing on its services business in recent months. With hardware sales slowing down and Apple Pay being a great sticking point for existing iPhone users, it is not surprising that Apple is working on bringing Apple Pay to more countries. Apple Pay is also good enough to make Android users switch to it due to its convenience factor. Plus, Apple gets a small pie of every transaction that’s done through Apple Pay which ultimately means more revenue for the company.

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