Apple Promotes the iPhone’s Features With New Page

Apple adds new pages to its website often enough, with the company usually aiming to promote a certain feature, device, or even general security.

And now the company is promoting the features tied to its smartphone lineup. In a new page dedicated to showing off what the iPhone is capable of, Apple asks, “iPhone can do what?” and promptly lists a variety of features. That includes the fact the newest iPhone models can “survive a spill” thanks to water resistant designs. When it comes to privacy, Apple promotes the fact that iMessage boasts end-to-end encryption. Even AirDrop gets name dropped.

Apple promotes the newly-added Group FaceTime feature, too:

“Get the whole gang together on one FaceTime call.2 You can even use your Memoji and add filters, animated text effects, fun stickers, and more.”

It’s good to see Apple wants people to know this feature is back up-and-running after being temporarily disabled earlier this year thanks to an audio bug that made it possible for users to easily eavesdrop on someone they were calling.

Apple also promotes the ability to snooze notifications while watching a movie, being able to find a specific item while searching in Photos, creating Memoji, and being able to keep tabs on your sleeping patterns.

The new page on Apple’s site is now live. You can find a link to it down below. It’s a nice way to show off what the iPhone can do, but obviously for long-standing iPhone users most of these things aren’t new or unknown.

What’s your favorite iPhone feature?

[via Apple]