Apple’s Newest Privacy Video Promotes Limited Ad Tracking in Safari

Apple has uploaded its newest TV spot to YouTube, continuing to promote security and privacy in the iPhone.

The latest ad measures in at just over 30 seconds, so you might already be seeing it presented on TV. It shows a 15-year-old with a burgeoning mustache standing in front of a mirror, iPhone in hand. A few key tabs on the blue iPhone XR and he’s found what he’s looking for, sites that talk about shaving at age 15. Apple overlays some text on the screen after the search is completed:

“Safari limits sites from tracking you across the web. Because what you browse should be your business.”

Apple’s TV spots and quick marketing efforts have really been pressing on the security button recently. This one, while humorous in its own right, is no different. Earlier this month, Apple shared another, slightly longer privacy-focused video that was funny as well, but really did drive home how important security and privacy should be.

You can watch the new video below.

Our Take

Adding a bit of comedy can go a long way, even when the topic is as serious as this one. And it’s not like Apple is going to give up beating that security/privacy drum any time soon. At least the commercials sell the point well enough.

We Want To Hear From You

What do you think of this ad? And, perhaps even more importantly: Do you put your iPhone down screen-side?