DirecTV Now is Officially Integrated With the Apple TV App

The Apple TV app can be pretty helpful, as long as you have the right apps. Now DirecTV owners can say they do.

Today, AT&T announced that DirecTV Now is officially integrates with the Apple TV app. This should make it even easier to keep tabs on what you’re watching. It will also make it possible to watch content from your favorite shows on one Apple device to the next. And if you need a reminder of what to watch next, the “Up Next” feature will be there to let you know what’s coming down the binge pike.

“The Watch Now tab on the Apple TV app is where everything you can watch across services comes together with recommendations, a look at “what’s trending,” live sports, and more. At the top of the tab, Up Next helps organize your shows, movies and sports, so you can easily keep track of everything you’re watching and never miss a new episode or live game.

There’s so much on-demand content and live sports channels included with your DIRECTV NOW subscription, so the Apple TV app is a great place to help you find something new or jump back into your favorite on-demand show as new episodes arrive or quickly tune to a national sports broadcast.”

DirecTV Now has access to Siri as well. With the integration with the Apple TV app, users can ask Siri to find specific content they want to watch. AT&T confirms Siri search will work with all the provider’s on-demand content. Live channel support is also available.

AT&T says the update to support the Apple TV app is rolling out now and should be available to all subscribers shortly. To get the integration to start working, a pop-up will ask if you want to let DirecTV access the app after you watch a DVR-recorded show for the first time.

This should be a welcomed addition for DirecTV customers.

[via AT&T]