Qualcomm Demanding $31 Million in Damages From Apple in Patent Trial

Apple and Qualcomm are officially seated in a court battle, and details of the trial are leaking out.

The most recent report comes from CNET, which outlines just how much money Qualcomm is seeking in damages from Apple. The trial, if you’ll recall, is related to three separate patents that Qualcomm believes Apple violated. The legal battle has been going on for quite some time already, but the trial only just kicked off this week.

Qualcomm is seeking $31 million in damages from Apple, which shakes out to be about $1.40 per iPhone that allegedly violated Qualcomm’s patents.

“One patent allows a smartphone to quickly connect to the internet once the device is turned on. Another deals with graphics processing and battery life. The third lets apps on your phone download data more easily by directing traffic between the apps processor and the modem.

The $31 million in damages would be a drop in the bucket for Apple — which briefly became a $1 trillion company last year — but a victory for Qualcomm would help to brandish its reputation as a mobile components innovator and lend credibility to the idea that much of those innovations went into iPhones.”

As noted above, this would be a relatively small amount of money for Apple to pay, all things considered. And it would definitely solve the issue between the two companies, both of which obviously still want to work together. But with the legal issues between the two, getting to that point is difficult. Qualcomm seeking this amount of money is high, but not necessarily for Apple. But does anyone actually see Apple forking over that amount of money, or any money for that matter if they aren’t forced to? Even if it did calm things down between the two companies?

Sound off in the comments if you think Apple will pay this amount without being forced to from the court.

[via CNET]