Sony’s Remote Play App Lets You Play PS4 Games on iPhone or iPad

Sony has finally gotten around to releasing its Remote Play app for iPhones and iPad on the App Store. The app will allow PS4 owners to not only navigate around the UI using their iPhone but also play PS4 games right on their phone.

The Remote Play app has been available for years on Android and Sony is finally making it available to iPhone and iPad users. A Windows and Mac version of the app has also been available for quite some time now.

Before setting the app up, make sure that your PS4 is running the latest v6.50 update. Then, once you are done with setting the app up, you can stream PS4 games on your iPhone. Do note that not all PS4 games are going to be compatible with Remote Play.

The feature requires you to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the PS4. Plus, it only works on iPhone 7 (or higher) and 6th gen or newer iPad. All the game controls are laid on-screen which might make playing certain PS4 titles on the PS4 or iPad a very cramped experience. You cannot connect the DualShock controller to iPhone as well which would have otherwise made the iPhone a perfect portable PS4 gaming device.

You can also use the Remote Play app to join voice chats and enter text on your PS4 when required.

Download: Remote Play