Prevent Hackers From Spying On You Through Your Webcam For Less Than $10 [Deals Hub]

Most of us don’t think about the webcams in our devices, but hackers do! Nefarious internet hackers have the capability to spy on us at any time, without us even knowing. If that doesn’t sit well with you and you want to protect yourself and your family, Camera Guard 3 Pro can help. It’s available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $9.99. That’s 79% off the usual price of $49.

Hackers can take control of your webcam with just a few lines of code. Though it’s easy for the wrong eyes and ears to see or hear your every move thanks to hackers, spies and malware, fortunately there’s a way to prevent this invasion of privacy. Camera Guard protects both your camera and microphone, ensuring that no outsider can gain access. And since hackers can now get in through macOS apps, Camera Guard comes equipped with a new app blocker, protecting your apps with a PIN so unauthorized users can’t get access. You’ll also have access to Camera Guard’s new ransomware protection, Deep Detective surveillance, an innovative AI that will inform you of any suspicious activity on your macOS. Armed with these protections, Camera Guard serves like a digital security system and keeps the bad guys out.

Ready to protect yourself online? Grab Camera Guard 3 Pro in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for $9.99 today.