2020 iPhones May Have Fullscreen Touch ID, iPhone SE 2 Also a Possibility

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming iPhone XI, 11 or whatever it will be called. But let’s take a step further. The 2020 iPhone’s are rumoured to showcase changes to Apple’s strict philosophy.

According to Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his associates, the upcoming 2020 iPhone’s might include an old feature, but with a twist. And that’s Touch ID. Apple is not known for bringing back old features. According to their own philosophy, once something is removed or replaced (Like Touch ID was replaced with Face ID), it’s gone for good.

However, as the technology of in-display fingerprint sensors has evolved since Apple made the jump to facial recognition, Apple could have a change of heart and bring back the feature in its full glory. This would be a first for Apple as they’re known for being stubborn on their decisions, something a lot of users actually appreciate.

The 2020 iPhone lineup is also rumoured to include 5G capabilities on all models, making them next-generation networking ready.

Something that we saw long coming is the removal of 3D touch. The report claims that 3D Touch will be removed from all 2019, not 2020, iPhone models. We’ve seen this coming with Apple’s lessening interest in developing 3D Touch-specific features and with the launch of the iPhone XR, which didn’t include said feature.

If you’ve been begging Apple to release an iPhone SE 2, you might be happy to hear that some suppliers have mentioned its existence. The phone is supposedly based on the iPhone 8. We don’t know if this means the internals will be that of the iPhone 8 with an iPhone 5 casing or iPhone XS internals in an iPhone 8 casing, but the former seems more likely from a business perspective.