Apple Wins Patent for a Folding iPhone

Apple has filed another patent for a foldable phone, according to Patently Apple. The patent showcases a device that has, not one, but two folds. This comes after Apple winning the foldable battery patent and even the magnetic lock for a folding phone patent.

Apple has filed, a lot of different folding phone patents. And we mean it when we say¬†a lot. None of them have been very detailed, though, and all they say is that Apple¬†might make a foldable phone in the future. But that’s unfortunately about it.

Except, that the patent filings show us how Apple could implement a fold into an iPhone. The latest patent Apple has filled is a bit more ambitious than what we’ve seen from companies like Huawei and Samsung. The latest patent filing showcases a device that folds from both sides, making the unfolded display much larger compared to competitors.

It is unclear if this is a patent that would Apply only to the iPhone lineup, or if it could be implemented into the iPad lineup too. Maybe even the iPod, as Apple zombie-revived the device just last week.

As the patent is pretty undetailed, it doesn’t showcase what a potential foldable iDevice would look like. If you are interested in seeing an unofficial reimagining of that, a talented artist has made a concept for it.

For now, take this with a pinch of salt, as not everything Apple patents ends up as a product.