Apple Acquired Tueo Health Startup in 2018 Working on App to Monitor Asthma in Children

Apple acquired Tueo Health, a startup working on an app that worked with commercial breathing sensors to help parents monitor the asthma symptoms of their children while sleeping. The acquisition was done by Apple in 2018 itself but the news has come to light only today.

Tueo’s CEO, Brownwyn Harris, and COO Anura Patil updated their LinkedIn profile in late 2018 to indicate that they are now working for Apple. The acquisition must have likely completed around the same time as well.

Apple is known to acquire startups from time to time and it does not really make any announcements about it. Apple is working on further bolstering the Apple Watch health tracking capabilities and this acquisition could help the company in doing just that.

In 2016, Apple acquired a health startup Gliimpse which was working on a technology to aggregate medical records of patients from different medical portals.

Our Take

It will likely be at least a couple of years or more before we see the fruits of this acquisition. The good thing is that Apple continues to work on improving the health aspect and tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch and its other devices which is more important.

[Via CNBC]