Apple Will Be ‘Clearer’ about iPhone’s Battery Health and Performance with Users in the UK

iPhone X battery

The Competition and Markets Authority in the UK started an investigation against Apple after it realized that it was not immediately clear to consumers that iOS updates could slow down their phones. That investigation has now concluded and Apple has agreed to provide more information to customers about the health of the battery in their iPhones.

Apple has already given an undertaking to the CMA that it will be more transparent about battery health, unexpected shutdowns and Performance Management.

To ensure compliance with consumer law Apple has formally agreed to improve the information it provides to people about the battery health of their phones and the impact performance management software may have on their phones.

The full undertaking signed by Apple can be found here. To its credit, the company has already enforced most of the promises it has mentioned in the undertaking.

When news broke that Apple was slowing down older iPhones due to degraded battery performance, a lot of customers were shocked and surprised. Apple never made it clear to its customers that it was slowing down their phones via software updates and that they could restore the performance of their phone back to its original state with a simple battery replacement. No wonder that Apple was the subject of many lawsuits and investigations from regulatory bodies across the world.

The company later cleared the air saying that it was a performance management feature in iOS meant to ensure that older iPhones with degraded batteries worked just fine. However, Apple’s statement came too late as customers realized that they were being scammed all these years.

Due to the criticism that Apple received, the company ended up including a new Battery Health option in iOS along with an option to turn off performance throttling because of degraded batteries. The criticism also led Apple to launch a $29 battery replacement program for older iPhones that ran throughout 2018.

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Apple may have started revealing the battery health stats post the debacle, but the whole incident made me lose a lot of respect for the company. Apple should have been clear about this entire matter right from the get-go. What do you think? How did the whole debacle change your opinion of Apple?

[Via BBC]