Apple Releases New ‘Behind the Music’ Mac Ad

Apple has released a new “Behind the Music” ad on its YouTube channel in the United Kingdom which highlights how artists use Macs to create music. There’s also a new ‘Behind the Mac’ page on Apple’s UK website linking to the same video.

On the website, Apple highlights how musicians prefer to use Mac as the instrument for creating music. The page highlights Apple’s own music creation apps like GarageBand and Logic Pro X. The former is touted as a “fully equipped music creation studio” that comes with an entire set of sound library, voice presets, and more, while the latter offers artists with “sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing.”

From bedroom studio to stadium tour, the British music scene is alive. See the emerging and the iconic, the graft and the glory, a glimpse behind the scenes and behind the music.
The ad from Apple comes just as the British music festival season is about to kick off.

It is no secret that musicians, creators, and artists prefer using Macs and the accompanying tools available on the platform for creating new music. The quality of tools available for Macs is better than what is available for Windows.

As a creator, what kind of content do you use your Mac to create on a daily basis? How do you think Macs are better for creating content when compared to Windows? Drop a comment and let us know!