Huawei CEO’s Family Seems to Prefer Apple Products over Their Own

Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Camera

Here goes the Twitter Police MKBHD again. Except for this time, it isn’t a celebrity being caught with an iPhone, but Huawei’s own CEO admitting that their family not only buy each other Apple products as gifts but also prefer using them.

While China is boycotting Apple products and swearing their loyalty to Huawei, Mr Ren Zhengfei’s family casually uses Apple products instead. According to a Beijing News report, Mr Zhengfei told a group of Chinese reporters at a press conference that his family indeed doesn’t use the products he helps make. To add insult to injury, they think Apple’s products are “better” and most of them prefer using iPhones and MacBooks.

This is not an uncommon theme, especially in the Chinese market. Modern Apple products are still seen as a symbol of status, not reckless spending, and more wealthy people usually go with the fruit option to not seem “poor”. To our western readers, this may seem odd but China is known for their deeply complicated culture, this being part of it.

The news comes amusingly timed due to the recent US-China tensions that have affected multiple companies in both of those nations. Huawei was outright banned from using American Google Services on their devices, which essentially buried them alive in any market outside of China.