iOS and Mac App Stores Hit with Another Outage [Update x2: Fixed]

Apple’s system status page shows that it is currently having an outage with the App Store, Apple TV, and the Mac App Store. The page states that certain users might not be able to access the App Store, download apps or make purchases until the issue is rectified.

The status page is also reporting an outage with FaceTime, iMessage and the Volume Purchase Program.

There’s not much you can do right now if you are facing issues while accessing the App Store. You will have to sit back and wait until Apple gets around to fixing the outage. Looking at Apple’s past record, the outage will likely be fixed within a few hours.

Outages in Apple’s online services have once again become pretty frequent. There was a similar outage earlier this month as well. The company really needs to work on improving the backend of its online services to ensure that such outages don’t happen on a frequent basis.

Are you unable to access the App Store on your iPhone or iPad? Drop a comment and let us know!

Update: The issue has now been resolved!

Apple System Status