Snap a Picture of a Data Table and Import it As Excel Spreadsheet on Your iPhone

MS Excel

A couple of months ago, Microsoft teased that iPhone and Android owners could use the Excel app to click a picture of a table and automatically convert it into a spreadsheet. After rolling out the feature for Android smartphones in March, Microsoft has now finally added the feature to the Excel’s iOS app as well.

Converting data tables into a spreadsheet is as simple as it sounds: open the Excel app on your iPhone, tap the small camera icon you see at the bottom and point the iPhone’s camera to the data table. Crop the picture or make any adjustments to it if necessary and then wait for a second or two. The data table would be automatically imported into Excel in a spreadsheet format and you can then edit it as per your liking.

The feature makes use of OCR and AI to automatically convert data tables into a spreadsheet. Once converted, you can edit the file on your phone or on your Mac.

This is easily among the coolest feature that Microsoft has added to its Excel app for mobile. If your job involves playing around with a lot of data tables, this feature would help you save a substantial amount of time. What are your thoughts on this new feature in Microsoft Excel for mobile?

Download: Microsoft Excel