This Application Switcher Will Revolutionize Your Busiest Work Day [Deals Hub]

Despite technology advancing at record speeds, us humans are still mere mortals. That means if we have tons of apps up at once, chance are we’re going to make a mistake. Command-Tab Plus helps make your workflow more manageable, and though a lifetime license to this revolutionary app switcher would typically run you $34.99, it’s currently available for 71% off in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub at just $9.99.

On your busiest day, Command-Tab Plus comes to the rescue to help you move between multiple apps with just an easy click. By working with your keyboard, this application switcher allows you to switch between apps quicker and more conveniently than the conventional Command + Tab way. Just use the number and option keys to switch around and get things done. There’s even the ability to hide inactive app icons or inactive spaces for a less cluttered appearance, and you can customize the looks of things to your liking by changing border or background colors, icon sizes and more.

Let Command-Tab Plus help you stay on task. This genius application switcher is available now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $9.99.