This Power Strip Is Anything But Ordinary [Deals Hub]

Who can really plug in all of their devices with the two outlets on the wall? Power strips are a necessary accessory for any workstation — whether at the office or at home. BESTEK 6-Outlet Power Strip typically retails for $26.99, but it’s currently on sale in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $22.99. That’s 14% off the regular price.

It takes a lot of electronics to get through the work day. Maybe you need a laptop, a monitor and a printer… but then where do you plug in your phone charger? BESTEK 6-Outlet Power Strip gives you the flexibility you need to get everything done. There are four built-in USB ports that come equipped with fast-charging technologies that supply a charge of up to 4.2 amps. Hate that annoying hum some power strips give out? BESTEK has built-in EMI filters to block out that unwanted line noise. This surge protector also includes some extra safety features, like safety shutters to protect kids from electric shock and a 15-amp circuit-breaker to keep your appliances safe.

In need of some more flexibility in your work life? Grab the BESTEK 6-Outlet Power Strip in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for just $22.99 today.