Video: Lady Gaga Performs at Apple Park’s Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, Apple held a concert for the formal opening of the Apple Park as well as to remember Steve Jobs. The event was attended by thousands of Apple employees with Lady Gaga performing at the concert.

A number of Apple employees took to Twitter to post photos from the event. Additionally, the video of the full performance of Lady Gaga during the concert has also been uploaded on YouTube.

To honor the occasion, Tim Cook also posted a tweet in Steve Jobs memory.

As revealed earlier this week, Apple had even set up a colorful stage in Apple Park for the opening ceremony.  The stage was designed by none other than Jony Ive himself and it took the team months of planning to come up with the final design. The colorful design of the stage is meant to invoke the original Apple logo which was a part of the company’s identity for many years.

From the photos, it does look like it was one epic party! Were you there at the concert? If yes, drop a comment and do share your experience with our readers!