Apple Continues to Move Away from iTunes Brand

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After killing iTunes at WWDC 2019, Apple is continuing its slow yet steady work of killing the brand completely. Even before the opening keynote of WWDC, Apple killed all the social media pages of iTunes and started redirecting music related URLs. Now, the company has silently moved away from the iTunes URL for iOS app listings.

Previously, iOS app links featured in the URL. That has now changed to It is a small change on Apple’s part that most users are unlikely to notice. However, this is just another move from the company to completely kill iTunes which is almost two decades old at this point.

iTunes URL Redirect

Apple has replaced iTunes with standalone Music, Podcasts, and TV apps in macOS Catalina. The three apps, however, offer largely the same functionality as iTunes. The task of managing iOS devices has been shifted to the Finder in macOS Catalina. When one plugs in their iPhone or iPad to a Mac running macOS Catalina, the device will show up in Finder just like any other standalone drive.

iTunes will continue to live on in Windows, though it is unclear if it will receive any meaningful updates or not.

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