Apple’s Latest Patent Application Details Smart Wall Mounted Gas Detection Device

Apple has been working on Integrating Gas and other Environmental Sensor into upcoming Apple devices. Earlier this year, the company was granted a patent for the same. Now Apple has applied for a new patent that pertains to a smart wall mounted gas detection system.

The U.S Patent & Trademark Office has published a patent application from Apple. The patent details a smart wall mounted gas detection device. As per the published patent application, the smart gas detection system will include a display, laser, and a detection module. Apple also mentions that tunable semiconductor lasers are required for applications like trace gas detection, environmental monitoring, biomedical diagnostics, and industrial process controls.

The tunable semiconductor lasers can be used in portable electronic devices. A good use case would be to use the wall-mounted trace gas detection unit in the garage. Once activated, it will detect whether the exhaust gases from a parked car is within the safe level or not. The wall-mounted trace gas detection system is also capable of warning you with a notification on your phone. As with most of the patent application, it is not clear as to when this product will be launched.

Our Take

Apple has already patented the idea of adding environmental sensors to devices like the iPhone and iPad. The sensors will be capable of detecting various environmental parameters including deadly gas, temperature, and smoke humidity. Apple’s patent claims the new sensors will be compact enough to fit into the iPhone’s speaker or microphone. It would be interesting to see all the sensors that can be crammed into a smartphone in the near future!

[via Patently Apple]