iOS 13’s Wireless Audio Sync Uses iPhone Mic to Eliminate Lip Sync Error on Apple TV

Apple has decided to put an end to annoying audio lags with a new feature in iOS 13. The Wireless Audio Sync feature was spotted in the second developer beta of iOS 13. The best part is that Wireless Audio Sync will automatically sync the lip movement on Apple TV to the audio and thus eliminate Lip Sync Error.

The Wireless Audio Sync was first spotted in the Audio and Video section of the Settings app on the second beta of tvOS 13. Once the feature is activated a notification asking users to bring your iPhone or iPad near to the Apple TV comes up. All you need to do is confirm the feature and Apple TV will use your iPhone/iPad microphone to sync the audio. Thankfully the feature also works when your device is hooked to an AirPod or a HomePod.

In order to measure the audio delay, Apple TV will play certain tones. The iPhone mic is then used to measure how long it takes to hear the tone. The difference between the audio and the video is measured and conveyed to the Apple TV. With the help of input, Wireless Audio Sync will synchronize audio and visual outputs. Please note that this feature requires iOS 13 and tvOS 13 to function.

Our Take

The Lip Sync Error is easily one of the most annoying things that could ruin a movie watching experience. Offsetting the lag manually is a tricky and cumbersome process. The lag is caused when the TV processes video signals and audio signals at a different time. Apple’s new Wireless Audio Sync feature is yet another reason why Apple devices work best within the Apple ecosystem.

[via 9to5 Mac]